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Found 1 result

  1. Got car jacked by three Asian cunts wearing Al Quaida Omar Sharif face veils and jundi muzzers skull caps today. Car was parked in Busy retail car park, I came out of meeting with colleague and was just 10 yards from my car, when a red Audi RS4 fired up next to my car and sped past us, closely followed by my car with Jihadi John driving it with a muzzer passenger. I had the key in my pocket and they must have been sat in red Audi waiting to pick up a signal and used some device to scan the key code. In seconds they had jumped into my car and started the ignition...with no key....and driven off. Took maybe less than 10 seconds. A bit of cunty public information. All please be aware this is the latest twist on how the shit stained cunts Knick cars. Apparently they stab you if you go near them according to plod. So just watch and let them have it. next part of the cuntery of a day was being picked up and taken to the station for a statement. Plod said they had no chance of finding the car as they only had 1 traffic car and 12 pandas on patrol in the West Midlands at that time. Apparently everyone is being shipped up to Scotland to provide a massive Police presence for Trump to play golf safely in Scotland this weekend. So skeleton staff everywhere. Plod was more bothered about missing the World Cup than my car. that Trump cunt owes me one heavy mileage, cheap knackered RS5 that Roops very kindly valued for me at only £15k for insurance purposes despite it being sticker price way more than that. No doubt Roops works for Admiral insurance in Wales call Centre and I will be talking to her tomorrow. What a cunt of a day. i fucking hate jundies replacement will be a knackered rusty white transit van, more in keeping with my persona. Who would Knick one of them? A fucking pikey. Nothing’s safe with those cunts around. 2 cars in 11 months gone ......that’s what a lovely integrated, diverse, multi cultural, social community brings to modern society. Fucking robbing muzzer cunts that the law does not want to deal with, because it’s too hard. Whilst white Anglo Saxon people get ANPR to death if we do 35 in a 30 zone.
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