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Found 1 result

  1. So the peacefuls are celebrating Xmas by buying a ticket on a train and then randomly giving someone a present of Sheffield steel. What a delightful bunch of peaceful immigrants they are and what a delightful thing to do in giving a gift of death. The peaceful at Manchester didn’t even manage to get on the train as he was chinned and punched to the floor before he got to the platform. That probably would have happened whether he was carrying a knife or not to be fair on new year eve. I was about 500 yards away at the time on the lash with our kid and his Mrs and I’m only sad that the people at the scene didn’t throw the cunt under the next train. I would The London chap stabbed to death by the peaceful infront of his 14 year old son is very lucky and special as he is now with Allah up in Mecca bingo with 40 ugly virgins. His attacker, black, with beard, black clothes white trainers, is about as Muslim as you can get on an identity parade. Obviously being in London, no one fucking moved to help, like Manchester. The cockney cunts just fucking looked away. Fucking cowardly cunts at midday. All one of them had to do was get off and follow the muzzer cunt with their phone on talking to the police. But no, let’s all look away. We like peacefuls, it’s not their fault, let’s have more of them please, they are such nice immigrants and are good for the economy. Yes grave diggers, coop funeral service, black tie and Sheffield steel kitchen knife sales. Vote who’s the biggest cunt, the muzzer or the cockneys? Cockneys for sure.
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