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Found 1 result

  1. This past 25 years or so has been one year after another of utter snake in the grass, greedy, self centered egotism at this time of the year as it’s Christmas bonus time. All the office is talking about it, some cunts have already spent it, the flash car cunts, the doing the house extension cunts, the tucking it away in the pension cunts, and the sensible drinking, eating, fucking, snorting it cunts. Some go straight home to tell wifey and she fucking burns it all on curtains, hand bags, holidays and plastic tits. Others just blow it on a flash car and fuck the wife and kids, they get fuck all. others outside of decent paying employment find it difficult to grasp Xmas bonuses, they deny they exist, they say to themselves it just isn’t right, why don’t I get one. How can that fucking useless, fucking northern monkey retard earn more in one second than I do in ten years. Simple, it’s because you are a fucking thick cunt who decided to work for the council, NHS, or live in a soup kitchen and are called APE. Im off to spunk £20k on a watch just for the laugh. what an utter utter fucking cunt.
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