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Found 1 result

  1. Mrs Mongumental booked our Easter trip again this year and for some fucking reason chose Lisbon as the destination. I was open minded as one can be but was worried the place would be a decrepid, austere, run down, shit hole, and I was not disappointed. This shitty city of unemployed lazy cunts is literally falling down around their ears. There is not two buildings side by side that are both in good order, clean, with a fresh lick of paint. Every other building is either empty or a derelict squat. having had a decade of harsh EU austerity measures forced upon them, I think everyone should go there and see the handy work of the EU before we are forced to vote again in the inevitable rock paper scissors game before October. Portugal is a complete fucking mess. Went for a tour round the city, which has absolutely fuck all to see, except some graffiti on every wall in town. The tour guide was a very well spoken educated guy who had lost his finance job in the crash and was now forced to be a tourist guide to make ends meet. It made me think of Decimus and his impending arse renting career when a no deal Brexit kicks in. Lisbon is a B Tech Rio With an NVQ Golden Gate Bridge. Utterly fucking shit falling down place thanks to the EU austerity cunts. Take heed Ireland and Scotland those Brussels cunts won’t look after you.
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