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Found 1 result

  1. Last Cunt Standing

    Budget Pain for The Boomers

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/11/16/nonsense-baby-boomers-suggest-millennials-cant-afford-houses/ These Cunts are about to get a rude awakening. Even a Tory government, traditionally in electoral thrall to the grey mafia, are turning on them. The feather-bedded golden generation, who love to cluck on about how hard it was in their day, in the style of the 4 Yorkshiremen, are about to get a taste o' the Cat from HM Treasury. Cabinet Ministers get wheeled out the week before Budget day to lay the ground - and look at the subtext of what Mr Javid is saying - "you lot have had it good for too long, the triple lock has kept you all insulated against the economic cold since the crash of '07, well stock up on blankets grandma, 'cos a change is gonna come, you voted for brexit and now you get the bill". These old cunts do need a taste of fiscal pain. The average pensioner household now has a higher income that the average working household, which when you think about it, is completely unsustainable. They bang on about their free TV licences, prescriptions, council tax reductions, and how miserable their state pensions are, while at the same time rattling about in 500k+ houses way too big for them that they bought for 4k in the 1970's. Of course, thats when they aren't spending their winter fuel allowance on four bargain weeks in Tenerife every January to escape the cold. They cry crocodile tears for their struggling grandchildren as they write the annual £5 Christmas cheques, (grandchildren who unlike them don't enjoy free university education, job security, affordable housing and unfunded final salary pensions), while the same time muttering to Doris and Ada at the nightly bingo that if only these young 'uns would stop spending their McJob wages on iPhones and Avocados they could afford a little place in Dunstable, just like they did in the 1950's. Self-justification it may be, but it is also utter bollocks. So here's my few suggestions for the budget next week, Mr Hammond: 1) Scrap winter fuel allowance. Entirely. 2) Suspend the triple lock on pensions, which will rise by CPI only from 2018. 3) End free TV licences for everyone except the blind or the intellectually disabled. Or Punkape. 4) No more single person reductions for council tax - you own the fucking place, pay for it all, or move. 5) Inheritance tax threshold to be set at £250k - though gifts to offspring in the 10 years pre-death will be exempt from IHT considerations. Let the wealth start to move down the generations. 6) Social Care costs to be capped at lifetime £100k - enough to pay for about 3-4 years in your average care home before the state kicks in (average residency is 5.2 years). Anyone else care to add to the list?