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Found 1 result

  1. The politically correct over indulging gender warped world of television, has now gone full throttle on force feeding us the notion that because a couple of our Lezzers have kicked a ball in front of a crowds of 38 people, they know everything there is to know about football. Not satisfied with forcing their kick a ball activities upon the main BBC sports web page up alongside the Premier League. The TV world of fags and queens are now thinking it’s totally fine and dandy for some blonde bint to hold a conversation at half time in the CHampions league as to what she would do, and from her experience, what she would be changing. It’s like taking some young lad from playing football in the Evostick Conference South and putting him on national television and having us all hang on his every word as to how he would try and tactically set up against the anslaught of De Bruyner, Silva, etc. women footballers please do not do it. You are being played as a token. A token gesture that makes a mockery of you. It completely undermines the women’s game rather than enhances its profile. I respect jacky Oakley and Gabby Logan as TV anchor ladies but not some under talented dolly who is really all about self promotion and magazine covers, telling me the virtues of the 4,3,3 system. What the fuck is this low spectator sport of women’s football being falsely elevated to the heights of Premier League punditry. Well Gabby when I was playing in the women’s cup final at Stratford town fc infront of 38 people I got really nervous, just like Raheem must be feeling taking that penalty against Real Madrid.......it’s fucking laughable. the TV cunts who are forcing this shit on the sporting public, need fucking trampling on by Liverpool fans again !
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