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  2. Johnny Saucepants, Witchfinder General.
  3. She's a pretty looking bird, but fucking hell, she's piled on the blubber lately.
  4. Or the 'adult baby' thing. You've paid a good looking woman for her time, yet rather than choosing to have a go on her tits and fanny, you want her to change your nappy and give you a Farley's Rusk... Fuckin weirdos.
  5. I've never understood the bondage thing. Paying some tart to flog you or tie you up or whatever. Very odd. Still, each to their own.
  6. It was choreographed as a recreation of John Wayne's fight scene in 'The Quiet Man'.
  7. Have you tried reading any of her books ? Cure for insomnia right there. Some of the most tedious, vacuous writing ever. If you attempt to get through more than four paragraphs, the human brain shuts itself down to protect the mind from her dreary, wet, suicidal misery inducing shite.
  8. Roops put a bit of weight on recently?
  9. Apologies, that should have been Al Shabab instead of Boko Harem. For the avoidance of doubt, both groups need to be exterminated.
  10. I meant old school as in he did his job and not fob us off with his opinion. I couldn't give a shit what he did in his spare time.
  11. It was a very simple question that you're very reluctant to answer. I have to ask myself why that is. A tortured soul unable to come to terms with your affliction is my number one suspicion.
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  13. BBC can't stop referencing it in all their radio and other shows. Do they really think this is going to save the Licence and their miserable privately educated Oxbridge skins?
  14. That fight scene in the alley is fucking great!
  15. Yeah so old school, he crucified the sex trade on air, then off air indulged himself with Madam Whipladh. Got caught. Thousands of apologies, abased himself on air, got accepted back on TV, made good with his wife and family, then.... lo and behold got caught visiting the Madam Whiplash again! FUCKING TWO FACED DIRTY OLD MAN HYPOCRITE WITH HIS SUPERFICIAL DOUBLE STANDARDS. CUNT. He was a life long supporter of the Tory Party and John Major's Back to Basics.
  16. What is this Mastermind? What is your specialist subject? Finding bum chums on CC?
  17. You still haven't answered the question.
  18. Is that what they're calling AIDS these day? Btw. Just seen that the most accurate pollsters for the 2016 US election Rasmussen, now have Trump ahead. Looks like the smoking laptop has swung it. Lol! https://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/elections/election_2020/white_house_watch_oct26
  19. The bit where they all take off their human disguises and reveal themselves as lizards.
  20. In more just times. I'd have you strapped into the ducking stool which is still there on the river in Canterbury. The good old days.
  21. What colour stockings do you wear Eric, and what quality coke do you have?
  22. Perhaps a modest pay rise would help motivate her. She’s probably trying her best. It’s not really that important a job anyway. I like her. She’ll get the hang of it before long.
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