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  2. Well yes, i suppose it is about the 12th, well maybe not quite. But you know, that's what you get when you dont need to work and have plenty. Sad life eh. Gotta go, see you in a week or so. No internet where i'm going. Welsh steel? Surely you mean Sheffield. Did the Welsh ever produce anything except, sheep, coal, slate and fucking Tom Jones. Going to miss you too.
  3. What's that, your 12th little 'Alpha-Male' expedition in the last 3 months? Funny how they always seem to coincide with you getting your arse handed to you on here... Anyway. I hear the unmistakable, ringing report of Welsh steel being sharpened. I shall bid you farewell. It's been emotional.
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  5. Morning Grub. Im off on another short holiday, sailing this time. Saw on this mornings news that an elderly Aboriginal lady has won the Australian yearly award. I thought that was very nice. Anyway, i am wondering, there's probably a raging bush fire near you, and if not, there's bound to be one soon. Would you do me a favour, and throw yourself into one, preferably face first. That would be brilliant, and I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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  7. Out of likes, Bill, but I had no idea he'd already done so. I'm a firm believer in pointing out those who've gone on a drunken cunting spree. Look at the Judge as evidence of a diet based on fast food and Special Brew leading to an early grave.
  8. Couldn't have put it better myself, Wolfie. The Chinese are the biggest threat to Western civilisation since the Nazis in my opinion. Technologically speaking they got where they are through both cyber crime, and good old fashioned espionage. If you look at some of the faces of the FBI's most wanted list you'll see a few officers of the Chinese army. They've taken theft of Industrial secrets to a whole different level as they employ thousands of hackers to penetrate defence contractors, tech companies, infrastructure, and the west's intelligence agencies. They didn't make this quan
  9. He’s apologised enough imo MC. As far as I’m concerned there’s no need for him to feel embarrassed. I’m a firm believer in unity and forgiveness when someone acknowledges their mistakes.
  10. No knobrot here Doctor Shipman. A rolling stone gathers no moss as they say.
  11. 1) Yes, it does say something about a 'governance crisis' in the UK. I've never hidden my contempt for Boris and his panel of self-serving Oxbridge arrogants, collectively incapable of making a quick decision when it really mattered. The UK entered full lockdown while its airports remained open without the facility in place to test for COVID-positives entering the country. What stupidity – both at the time and retrospectively. 2) a. Keep pushing for an international inquiry into China's handling of the initial coronavirus outbreak, with trade sanctions in place by leading Western powers;
  12. Doc, I'm feeling the need to bring to your attention what a cunt you made of yourself on Friday night. I'd suggest you stick to drinking anything below 3% in future.
  13. Comparatively, perhaps. Given your old line of work we’d better do a VDRL test for syphillis. Imagine your old employees had more bugs than Microsoft.
  14. Sleepy Bill. Draw me a clock face and spell WORLD backwards pronto or it’s the Aricept for you old son.
  15. That was a very long apology.
  16. I used to like a tenner or two across the counter of my local Independent bookie on a Friday lunchtime as it seemed like quite a manly pursuit, scrawling on a bit of paper with a stubby blue biro which worked sporadically, while the TV blared out the dog racing from Walthamstow. It reminded me of my old man. It also gave me chance to catch up with some of my older patients, blokes with early dementia mostly, who either got dumped in the man crèche by their wives off to Bingo, or the more sad single fellas who huddled for warmth and a chat about Thatcher being an unfuckable cunt. There was alwa
  17. @Wolfie Let’s get a few things straight. I was not defending China in any respect and particularly not with regard to their human rights abuses nor their animal welfare standards, or rather their complete lack of them. Neither was I defending their ludicrous attempt to spin this of late, including suggesting that it originated elsewhere. As SC said, that’s just politics ex post facto. It has no bearing on what happened at the outset and it’s crystal clear that it originated in China. I never suggested otherwise. Much of what you’ve just thrown out in response simply reflects your own bias
  18. Nah. I was just joking. You can say any team. I went to the old valley back when Spurs were in the 2nd division. I was standing at the back of a huge fucking bank of terraces and needed a telescope to see the pitch. It was a massive ground. Result Charlton won 4-1 if I remember correctly
  19. Begone Frank. You’ve become an irrelevance. No ones remotely interested.
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