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  2. Its an insult graph: Lazy - Douche - Pilot Stupid - Ass - Canoe Insecure - Turd - Captain Idiotic - Rectum - Pirate Slimy - Butt - Hammer Smelly - Shit - Box Slutty - Cock - Knob Pompous - Crotch - Jockey Communist - Bitch - Nazi Dicknose - Turd - Waffle Pie-Eating - Prick - Goblin Racist - Slut - Blossom Elitist - Taint - Biscuit White Trash - Fuck - Clown Drug-Loving - Dick - Socket Butterface - Boner - Lover Tone Deaf - Shart - Hound Ugly - Nut - Dragon Creepy - Sphincter - Balloon Mix and match the words. You better fucking appreciate this...
  3. The video never went all the way to his front door, Bubs... but the distinctive red scooter was parked for all the world to see on google maps on his driveway... @Wolfie is the Mocking Shop still around or has it died off? I still never managed to get back in there after he kicked me and @Mrs Roops out for not posting enough, but apparently reading too much.
  4. scotty

    Alec Baldwin

    You might be right here. Court submissions later showed an assistant director, Dave Halls, had handed the gun to Mr Baldwin. It contained a live round but Mr Halls said he did not know that, and indicated it was unloaded by shouting "cold gun!"
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  6. She does, but she only ever has a half herself when she’s in the chair. Sneaky mingebag cuntess.
  7. 'Dude! Where's My Lawyer?'
  8. Apparently he's gonna be asked to front the American version of Blankety Blank.
  9. scotty

    Alec Baldwin

    The Blank Job.
  10. I bet Alec Baldwin is counting his blessings that she wasn't black.
  11. 'Honey I Shot The Extra'
  12. Yes but he is the one and man who can do it.
  13. Decimus

    Frank Field.

    Does she ever buy a round?
  14. scotty

    Alec Baldwin

    I reckon there's a film in that, Eric.
  15. I’m saying fuck all…
  16. I don't see how else it could happen. Prop masters are firearms savvy, I could teach a 9 year old to differentiate between the real thing and a noise-maker in 5 minutes. How does a professional armorer fail to notice that the blank brass is 25mm too long and has an ounce and a half of lead hanging out the front of it? Not to mention the weight difference and the magazine being completely different.
  17. scotty

    Alec Baldwin

    Hmmm. So, it's murder? 😳😳
  18. You .. your cock is long enough to to bend it and stick up your own arse and come out of your own mouth
  19. One of the combinations is Idiotic Cock Monster. Can you think of anyone here that might apply to? 🤔😄
  20. That’s absolutely fine. You Pie-Eating Turd Goblin.
  21. That sending off changed the whole game though. Refs a cunt
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