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  2. @JohnnySaucePants? say something. We know you're at home. 😂
  3. Everyone will be a superspreader soon. I wonder what the arsehole inspectors salary will be? I expect a lot of people will come forward and offer their services on a voluntary basis. STAY ALERT WEAR 2 MASKS DON’T KILL GRANNY PROTECT TOUR ARSEHOLE
  4. One of us. One of us... I've got that on DVD and an old self recorded VHS. He was quite a happy, content individual from what I've read.
  5. For the best really. Who wants to see hundreds of thousands of autistic wild eyed sand rats rolling around on the West Bank moaning and complaining as usual? Fuck em.
  6. Yesterday
  7. It's because he's been sat on his arse while we've been doing the heavy lifting and taking out the rubbish on here. He's trying to get banned in order to appear relevant.
  8. with Trevor and Simon of course. Oh and trolling all the bollocks about it on facebook. Imagine it Stub, a special day for 8% of WW2 deaths when no other group gets this attention. The same group now trying a bit of cheap genocide on the Palestinians, by denying them the Covid vaccine.
  9. See if Schlitzie summons @Rev from the shadows...
  10. I genuinely hope that the next time you decide to log on and post your awful fucking shite on here, you fall out of your spastic scooter and it runs over your tiny, Zika baby head. That's what I'd call karma, you quarter-witted, absolutely cretinous fucking cunt.
  11. Either he's a fucking idiot or he's trying to commit suicide by Roops. Or both
  12. There you go again, what the fuck are you on, should be drain cleaner, that would sort you out, now fuck off you sick fuck
  13. That appears to be the case. He should really know better. Fucking pork chop eared cretin.
  14. No just asking if he was a priest, what sort of sick fuck are you, inferring he’s a nonce!!!?
  15. Well, yes, kind of. It's only in the last couple of weeks that vaccination rates have risen dramatically and most people have only had one dose so far. I'd expect to see death rates in care home residents starting to fall in about a month, but they'll still be high then. In 3 months they should have fallen way down. If they haven't then the vaccine definitely isn't all it's cracked up to be. Patience is a virtue.
  16. Paging @Eddieto the main board - your pet simpleton needs to go back on his lead.
  17. I’ve just fact checked that Eric and it’s come up as having no evidence to back it up and may be considered a conspiracy theory.!i didn’t believe it anyway.
  18. So you're saying that Billy is a nonce? So long Fairwell auf wiedersehen goodbye.
  19. True dat. Most vaccines also take a while before they're fully effective. If the death rate amongst care home residents doesn't fall significantly in the next couple of months then you've got a point, or the Government has seriously fucked up by increasing the time between doses. It's a case of wait and see now.
  20. Are you actually old enough to be on this site? “Supermong” where did that come from? If I’m going to be insulted it needs to be by someone with at least 1 brain cell
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