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  2. Well if the frog authorities weren't such a bunch of fucking melts, most of these cunts wouldn't make it here.
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  4. Get over yourself, you're not the first misinformed foil-coated chancer who requires regular schooling and you won't be the last.
  5. It might be one of Neil's lucky ones that got away and nothing to do with the style of T-shirt she was wearing.
  6. I have no sympathy with this woman. She’s a foreigner, an ex Peaceful, converted to Christianity who goes to Speakers Corner, which is run by the Peacefuls, and mouths it off. And guess what? She gets stabbed by a Peaceful! What the fuck did she expect? The Peacefuls hate apostates even more than they hate the Infidel. Not as much as they hate Jews obviously, but it’s right up there. I’m sorry but any cunt who walks around Londonstabistan wearing a Charlie Hebdo tee shirt is fucking begging for it. You may as well have a big neon sign over your head saying “Fuck Mohammed”. Personally I would kick out this woman and her attacker, both god bothering primitive savages.....let them kill each other somewhere else. But this is our country now so fucking get used to it.
  7. The show for what PANZERMURPHYBABY
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  9. There's enough CCTV in Londinium to track the cunt. Or do they just use it to prove if someone's not picked up their dog's shit?
  10. Why are they back in lockdown? Has Bjork contracted the batflu? I mean she is batshit mad after all.
  11. I’ve just been reading an article about Iceland and specifically the fact that 90% of the cunts over 16 there have been double vaxed. So fucking what? I thought. There’s only about 4 or 5 people work there, excluding the retard security guard. Then I realised the piece was about Iceland the country. According to this article Iceland was released from lockdown around a month ago and mask mandates, anti social distancing rules etc. were lifted, after 15 months of near constant imprisonment. Bravo I said to myself. Well done, 3 cheers and all that shit. I was so pleased that I even considered popping down to the jib/jab drive through tomorrow to offer up my arm. However, carrying on reading I discovered that the snow worshipping, penguin fucking, puffin munching spackos have been ordered back into lockdown a few days ago. Nice one. At that point I flew into a rage, shouted ‘bollocks’ and started laughing hysterically at the missus and pointing at her upper arm. She demanded to know what I was doing, so eventually I told her not to worry, I’d just remembered something funny that happened in Iceland the other week.
  12. King Billy

    Will Young

    ‘The seagulls will follow the trawler.’
  13. Without knowing all the facts regarding this crime I won’t speculate as to the motive of the swarthy looking individual captured on video, responsible for this incident. Ive adopted this stance due to the advice given out by the Met Police afterwards, despite having my own thoughts as to why it occurred. The Met Police ‘spokesperson’ (gender not known) urged the public not to ‘speculate on the motive for the attack, until they can establish all the facts’ The brave boys and girls in blue, (other genders are available) are currently searching for the culprit, who escaped capture at the time and is presently at large.
  14. Decimus

    Will Young

    DC, I was in my formative football fan years way back in 1995, when one Eric Cantona karate kicked a Crystal Palace fan right in his stupid cockney fucking gob. I was fascinated about it as a wee nipper and I still am to this day. Can you tell me the content of the conversation that yourself, Bert Millichip, Martin Edwards and Sir Alex had over dinner at The Ivy on 26 January 1995? Did you counsel a 9 month ban for Cantona after Fergie got lairy on the complimentary drinks and disparaged the managerial qualities of Howard Kendall? Did Martin Edwards get caught yet again peeping through the gap of a female toilet shitter after the dessert course? Finally, as Bert was your front man, was it your idea to ban the tackle from behind, or did he have a moment of spontaneous cuntishness?
  15. King Billy

    Will Young

    The fat greedy cunt would’ve eaten you before you hit the floor, just as her family size packet of Doritos popped out of the machine like a bag of coal falling off the back of a lorry.
  16. If I'd have bumped into her my body probably wouldn't ever have been found.
  17. “all over this like cum on a queers copy of the Bros 1987 annual” Qualitah @Cunty BigBollox answer the question. Are you a screaming poof? Why are you obsessed with gay pride marches? Do you really live in a bungalow?
  18. This isn't the first time that Drew has mentioned Norwich Pride. I wasn't aware it was happening, due to not being a cock chugging, Sam Smith worshipping, absolute fucking bender. You've got to ask yourself, as do I, why Drew seems to be all over this like cum on a queers copy of the Bros 1987 annual.
  19. Reported Dangling? Like your cock and balls as you lurch off the bog of a morning after launching the first of many dreadnoughts. Like all blokes of course lol fuck off
  20. Do the nation a favor Drew- smash a dozen cans, half a bottle of lidl vodka and rock up there with a 12 bore, selection of kitchen knives and some home made explosives
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