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  2. He is the gay equivalent of HSS Hire. Heavy duty.
  3. Good business on the industrial estate last night?
  4. That reminds me to stuff the mattress.
  5. It's a temporary condition caused by reading your posts.
  6. Tub of lard. Oh sorry, I thought you was talking about King Billy. How are you keeping me old cock sucker supreme. What next? Dandy Nicols you royal pervert?
  7. But covered in flies. I dare say you're used to that.
  8. You have a lot of work to do on your personality. I suggest you get started straight away. Either that or get on a flight to India before midnight without luggage or a medicine kit. Good luck. (not)
  9. The Law of Contract will determine that. I don't think that the EU would go to court without a legal case.
  10. The EU have fucked up , big time. They know it and their voters know it. Macron has made himself look like a prize twat.
  11. Punkers went to the doctors and the Dr looked up his arse to find a bouquet flowers up there. "Who put those up there" asked the Dr. "Dunno whose name is on the card?" replied Punkape.
  12. If you had any sense you’d nick a trolleyload of protein shakes, down the lot in the car park, and then fuck off as far away as your huge muscular thighs can take you. Idiot.
  13. Today
  14. No you haven’t nor why you need a fucking cement mixer to make cement in quantity. Why can’t you arrange for cement to be freshly made and delivered directly upon demand? My Irish lineage is from land owning baronetcy so up yours regarding that.
  15. Eric I’m at blue water with Ginger, the place is crawling with the oppressed black folk spending their ill gotten gains, a coloured security guard stopped me as I walked into an empty Mapplin and Webb and asked me if I had booked an appointment, uppity cunt. https://ibb.co/pbzRkLg
  16. Right. That's it. I'm getting a search party together and finding Albert's remains from where he undoubtedly escaped his cage and choked after trying to eat a carrier bag. I know he was your pet nutter and that you loved him dearly, but you simply have to come to the terms with the fact that he's gone and is not coming back. If you keep letting all the spackers bite you in the misguided hope that they might be Albert in disguise, you're going to get an infection.
  17. The Don Vito Corleone...he's loaded and Italian.
  18. We could fuck off all that French and German wine off of our supermarket shelves and only stock Italian wine. That should help the I-Tye cunts out and also fuck off the frogs and the krauts.
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