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LIFE is a cunt


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What the fuck is life all bout. when youre born youre spat out of a cunt covered in blood and screaming, you then u have to go to school to be programmed how to be a good worker for a capitlist system which sucks you dry all your life of your hard earned money, as soon as you become a pensioner no cuntwants to talk to you, no cunt respects who you were in your life and what you did, the governement dont give a fuck about your opinion or wether you fucking freeze to death in winter, then they let off cunts who own companies who rip you off for your pension, then you forget who the fuck you are yourself cos of altzeimers, then you die and rot in a fucking hole or get turned into vapour at the local incineration plant, then the government rob the money you leave to your family and friends, and then your memory disappears forever like as if you were never here at all. LIFE YOU ARE A PRIZE CUNT MOTHERFUCKER! and wealthy powerful humans are even bigger cunts for making the short time we have in this existence a miserable fucking ride for the rest of us.....CUNT

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