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Prince Charles


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Prince Charles? More like Ponce Charles. The absolute epitome of everything that is wrong about Britain. This inbred tosser has not had to do a single minute of work in his whole life and he lives a life so cosseted and privileged, it is beyond belief. Everyone is supposed to bow and scrape before him because he happens to be a member of an addled family who serve no earthly purpose other than to be revered by the brain-dead establishment. He is thick but no one is prepared to tell him. He is ugly but has endless lackeys who tell him how dashing he looks. He is a sexual deviant who prefers a fag-stained old slapper to a naive, passably good looking young woman who who agreed to have his moron sprogs. He thinks his musings on architecture and the environment are profound and important when in reality people laugh behind his back when he opens his gob and utters his nonsensical shite. He is arrogant and patronising and irrelevant. He is a CUNT!

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