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Yanks Who Think Their Irish


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This subject grates my very fucking soul!!!!!! I lived in America for over year and whilst there I came across alot of yanks who call themselves Italian Americans, English Americans, Scottish Americans, you get the gist. These people occasionally called themselves this but generally all it was a just a name and it and played no part in their lives BUT FUCKING IRISH DOUCHEBAG DUMBFUCK CUNTWAD AMERICANS!!!! 99% of them were born in the USA, have never been to Ireland and nobody in the last 2 or 3 generations of their families were born in Ireland but they some how think they are fucking Irish. NO YOU ARE FUCKING NOT!!!! If you go to Ireland, nobody there will see you as one of them. They will see you as another yank tourist. I hate them and their stupid fucking stereotypes about Irish people and their stupid beliefs about what being Irish means. IT MEANS NO FUCKING MORE THAN BEING FROM ANY FUCKING OTHER PLACE YOU THICK CUNTS!!!!!

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