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Alan Duncan MP


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I just watched a repeat of have I got news for you on Dave in which this knob jockey cunt spent about 5 mins boasting about how he claims for multiple homes at the taxpayers expense and how much he loves how he can do it because the system is so floored. Dirty, smug, feckless, slimy, poofy, thieving, cuntish, cunting, cuntering cuntwad!!!! I read about him online, he was totally against people having the right to be against any gay causes and wanted you arrested for being against gay marriage or adoption. Happiily a few months after being on HIGNFY he got sacked for what he said about the expenses. Fuck you and burn you brown nosing cuntfuck. Incase you wondering he is the one on the left in the pic. The one on the right is his little cocksucker. !mad

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