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Shearings Holidays


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For about 4 or 5 years I worked as the bar tender at a local Ramada Jarvis hotel and there was nothing I cunting hated more than another cunting shearings coach turning up. This is because they were always carrying lots of moaning old cuntfucks!!!! Coming into the lounge and complaining because we showed live sport instead of playing old shitty music hall tunes all day. Moaning about the upholstery being to modern instead of traditional. Singing Vera lynn songs really loud and bitching about the drink prices being to high. SHUT UP YOU DIRTY, NAGGING OLD FUCKHEAD BEFORE I KICK YOUR CUNT IN!!!!!!!! I fucking hate the cunts at shearings for always bringing the geriatric twats. FUCK OFF YOU ANNOYING OLD FUCK CATERING TO CUNTWADS!!!! !bash

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