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dreadlocks and all those that sport them


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in a nutshell, filthy cunts. not meant in a racist way at all (my doctors a darkie). even whites are now doing this shit! and i see a young white kid of about 11 with dreads today up town. i dont give a rotten mothers fuck what anyone says about these cunts, there is only 1 way dreads can be done and its simply not washing your hair. yes yes i know it can be plaited or waxed etc... but its all bullshite. i can remember talking to a rasta in kingston town when i was 22, he had not washed his hair for 25 yrs. its the grease that holds it together. and yes it fucking reeks. blah blah its their religon, really? well they aint sposed to eat meat but they do. nasty.

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