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Yank TV snubbing the Paralympics.


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If it ain't baseball, basketball Ice hockey or American football, the yanks couldn't give a fuck about other sports or bother watching them. Get this, NBC in America are showing a total of 5 1/2 hours of coverage of the paraplympics, and if they hadn't sent a team of over 100 would have probably shown fuck all. The bottom line rears its head in the good ole usa, According to NBC there just isn't the interest in America for this, and therefore the advertisers wont stump up the revenues to make it worthwhile giving it more extensive coverage. I find americas attitude quite repugnant towards their 100+ paralypics athletes at the games, some of which were ex serviceman disabled fighting for their country and a massive snub to the games in general, as far as i am aware they are the only major nation that is not giving them decent coverage in their own territories. Well go fuck yourself USA you have shown your true colours, shame on you cunts.

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