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42 the funniest of the two digit numbers. A number that has worked its way into the publics psychology through its use in comedy. John Cleese once wrote a sketch involving a bank teller and a customer in which he needed a funny number for the punchline, it was of course 42. Douglas Adams gave the number immortality by writing it as the the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything. Why choose 42? Adams stated that he just came up with it, "42, that will do". He has however contradicted himself since. Stephen Fry, a friend of Adams has stated that Adams told him the real reason he chose 42 and that it was "Fascinating, extraordinary, and when you thought hard about it, completely obvious". Is Fry telling? nope, he says the secret must go to the grave with him. I thought hard about it myself and reasoned that it was the age at which it suddenly dawned on you that you had already pissed half your life away. It was the point at which you realised that your children were quite simply the most important things in your life. It was the age you realised just exactly how insignificant you are in the grand scheme of things. I then checked Douglas Adams's age when he wrote this. It was in 1977 and he would have been approximately 26 years old and as such unlikely to have considered this at that stage in his life so that answer is out. Is 42 a cunt? anything that fucks your head up as much as this has with me this morning is indeed a cunt. If anyone has the answer to why Adams chose 42 then please tell me, its doing my fucking bonce in. End note: Judge, fuck off, before you start.

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