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Nicki Minaj


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The physical embodiment of a 'Total' cunt. This little malformed shortarse is, in my humble opinion, probably one of the biggest cunts to have ever had the fortune of walking this earth. First off, what the fuck do you think you look like? you're about 4 foot fucking 5 and you're promoting your 'booty'. Now i'm no doctor, but i'm pretty sure that her fat arse is actually a common symptom of dwarfism, where the arse is much larger in proportion due the stress of carrying such a large fucking head on such a small body. Essentially she was born through a mutual masturbatory orgy of all previous solo female artists. A bit of Katy Perry, a bit of Skeletor (madge), a spunkling of Britney and thunder thigh krushem' of Grace 'Brows' Jones. The dress sense is just a fucking horror show in the flesh. The Wigs are both vile and hilarious at the same time, kind of like watching a young thai girl fire sodden ping pong balls out her Woodpeckers nook. You're both disgusted yet intrigued as to the motive behind it. I could comment all day on this aspect of the cunt in question, but just open up any form of news publication and see for yourself. Finally, this little cunts showpiece...the wank combo of both singing and rapping, or crapping in her case as all I hear is a load of shouty shit coming out like a vocal angry arsehole after a night on Tequila shots and kebabs. There's no need to shout love, we can still fucking hear you despite the difference in altitude. Oh and don't even bother trying to fucking sing if you have to be patched through a fucking autotune. I could fucking do that and without 99% of the toss-pot dress sense and reeking ghetto hoe attitude. My final words are simple. Fuck off as far away as you can possibly fuck off Minaj, and don't ever fucking coming back. In the meantime we'll set about destroying every trace of your existence.

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