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'My Friend' has been perusing this site - getting a feel of what single men are out there on the market. Living in the gayest town in the UK apart from Rotherham ain't doing her any favours. Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!! You have never seen a more butt ugly bunch of muvvafuckas in your fucking life! Even I was shocked! Needless to say I have forbidden her from going back on there, it's enough to make a grown woman weep! Where the fuck do these men come from??? They must stay in a lot because I ain't seen nothing like those 'tards roaming the streets round here. Just register and have a look for a laugh... I considered posting a couple of their ugly mugs on here but thought it a bit unfair - but found a better looking comparison on Google Images. I have advised my single frind to stay single...it's safer that way.

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