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Destroying the reputations of the dead


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There is to be a programme on the television this coming week that will make "startling " revelations about this dead eccentric. Some will say that it's about time and that everyone has known for years because the rumours have been rife. But isn't it a bit late now? If he was what they are going to say he is, why wasn't it made public and the fucker tried for it years ago. There is no such thing as a secret, If this man was guilty it would have been out pretty quickly. My point is, that It always looks dodgy when these things come out so far after the event that the accused is actually dead. What is to be said about him may well be true, but you need very little proof to blacken someones character once they are dead. If he were alive they wouldn't be doing this. I don't know and I have no personal interest or motive in his innocence or guilt. but the dead are a very easy target because they can't defend themselves. It's not really about this man, its about the principle.

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