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Humans are cunts for one simple reason. Humans are the most fucked up species on this planet. We destroy the world that gives us life in the first place. Not content with fucking up the planet we also have a habit of killing each other. Some people think it is ok (the weak minded who believe all the spin and willfully take part in the capitalist game) and others don't agree with killing at all (those we embrace life and don't believe all of the bullshit that comes from the media). The latter are unfortunately cunts as they are human too. They are the lesser cunts because they can think for themselves and clearly see what a fucked up world we live in but by association they are cunts. The former are basically playing into the hands of the capitalist elite who control them. Fucking morons. Humans....the species who spend billions on space exploration when every day vast numbers of their own species are left to die because they don't have food. Humans.....the species who are controlled by money and no longer live life. Instead they do what they are told and think exactly as they are told to think. Worst of all.....some of the wankers actually read shit like the Sun. Wise up mother fuckers and start thinking for yourselves.

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