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Death By Slurry


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This is of course the tragically bizarre death of Rugby player Nevin Spence who drowned in a slurry tank along with his brother and his father on Saturday. The whole series of events is not yet understood but its believed that the father fell in. Quite what happened to the other two is unknown but for three of them to be in there it makes you wonder if they were fucking bathing in it. If you are not sure what slurry is let me give you a brief graphic description. In 87 I was a ground keeper on Birchfield lodge in Castelton. The lodge was in the grounds of a farm and part of the agreement of being there was that we would have to help out on the farm from time to time. One of the jobs that was particularly unpleasant was mucking out the calf pens. For three months the calfs are kept in these pens. They eat, piss and shit in them 24 hours a day. Fresh straw is simply dumped on the top of the piss and shit on a daily basis. After three months it is approximately 18" deep and is a seething morass of worms, maggots and shit and piss. When you take the top off the stench is impossible to describe with words alone. All this is mucked out and put into a slurry pit or a slurry tank for farmers to swim in. (it seems) If the slurry gets too deep the farmers drown and boy oh boy that must be one hell of a shit way to die. (pun intended) I cant help feel that if "Death by slurry swimming" became a capital punishment for terrorists, the fuckers who come over a bit queasy at the thought of eating pork might think twice if dying in liquid pig and cow shit became a consequence.

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