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Teachers running away with fifteen year old girls.


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Another one bites the fucking dust. an unsettling and rather sad story. Some dull tool of a maths teacher has fucked off to France with a fifteen yr old girl. Of course, it doesn't really matter if she's sixteen or seventeen, as she is a pupil of his he would never work again anyway because of beach of trust. But, as she's 15, he will be put on the register, he might go to gaol. He is a cunt on so many levels. A desperate cunt for not being able to control himself, a pervy cunt for her being a fifteen yr old, and a thick cunt for thinking running away to France is going to help him in any way whatsoever. They will get picked up. She will cry for a while but in the end it will have been an adventure. He will lose his job and move into the twilight world of incompetent sex offenders who can't find work, lose their families and end up either killing themselves or drinking themselves to death out of despair. It is true....there is one born every minute.

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