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The Moment After Death


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In 1901 Duncan MacDougal weighed six people who were in the process of dying. According to his findings he declared that at the moment of death we became lighter by 21 grams, a number that seems to have worked its way into our consciousness and is now wildly theorised to be the weight of the human soul. In 1988 Dr Becker Mertens reportedly repeated the tests and verified that we did lose weight at the moment of death. Mertens figures are purported be a little different to MacDougals. Mertens reckons it is 1/3,000 of an ounce. Another name gets bandied about on this subject and that is Dr Roland Gunz who is purported to have worked with Merten. Both are alleged to have said that they have proved the existence of the human soul and the challenge ahead now is to determine what it is composed of. Interestingly when Macdougal did his experiments he also performed them on a number of dogs too and noticed no change in weight. How he knew the dogs were about to die is anyone's guess, with his human subjects they were about to die of tuberculosis, the dogs, I can only conclude, were killed at his hands. The famous CERN laboratory in Switzerland is purported to have a Noetic science department also said to have dabbled in this field, but that could be just a rumour spread about by the Dan Brown novel. In my brief research on the subject I can find little to substantiate any of these claims and I am inclined to believe that this is nothing more than a meme, but I could be wrong. The only thing left is to ask the good cunts of CC. So, whaddya think? do we have souls? are we going to heaven or to hell in a hand cart?

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