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The Turner Prize


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This is the purest form of utter shite going on in the world today. If you enjoy it your a cunt. If you enter some of your "work" in it your a cunt. If you help to maintan it and ensure it returns to blight society ever year you are a cunt. In fact if you find it acceptable on any level whatsoever you are a massive fucking cunt and a worthless braindead twat of a human being. And if you disagree with me on any of this, you are a fucking cunt. This years hurricane of piss coming from this pathetic farcical event include a women who calls herself "Spartacus Chetwynd". She lives in a nudist colony, wears a beard and her "art" is so shite im not even gong to bother explaining it. Tragically, she has somehow conceived a child, who she has named "Leo Dragon". Poor kid has no chance. Other exhibits include a nuclear powered pile of shit by some cunt named Paul Noble, who has spent the last 15 YEARS of his life drawing a fictional world called "Nobson Newtown" the inhabitants of which are made of human excrement and spend their days shagging each other, as depicted in the drawings. I am not making that up. Art? No, this is the outpourings of seriously deseased minds. These people are useless fucking twats who dont want to face real life and have spent their entire lives in a fantasy world--in between scrounging from the rest of us and generally being cunts. FUCK the lot of them. Horrible fucking arsey cunting wankers. Burn them all.

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