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Now what can be wrong with your local park? A peaceful and tranquil oasis in the overcrowded urban sprawl. Well yes , until the sun comes out!! Then suddenly it is full of FUCKING CUNTS!! Cunts with their cunt children running around screaming and yelling, throwing stones at the squirrels and crying for an ice cream every 2 minutes.Cunts with their cunt dogs ; they never have one dog but 3 or 4 of the fuckers running around shitting and pissing and sniffing your bollocks. Cunts who walk 6 abreast across the path , skateboarding cunts,rollerblading cunts , those fucking kids with those hire bikes that you lay semi-flat on swarming around like noisy screaming locusts.Fucking cunts.And best of all the cunts who play football across the footpath. Why can't they play on the acres and acres of empty grass? Because they are ANNOYING FUCKING CUNTS that's why.Littering cunts , radio playing cunts, shouty cunts , jogging cunts...........oh Lord bring on the rain and send these fucking bastards back to the cuntholes they came from!!!!CUNTS!!

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