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Elliot Turner and his possible release from prison


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Right stand back cuntsters, this is gonna be a big one... I dont know if anyone remembers this worthless sack of fucking HIV infested cum but about a year or so ago he was jailed for twenty years for murdering his girlfriend. Although instead someone ought to have torn this cunts face off and wiped their arse with it. His parents were also jailed for trying to cover up the crime--his mother in particular destroyed evidence and apparently refused to call emergency services for a full 40 minutes after her cunt of a son killed this poor young woman. According to evidence heard in court Turner and his gang--who called themselves "The Firm", cunts--of other sick little rich mummys boy cunts used to go around crashing parties and trashing top nighclubs doing drugs and generally acting like cunts. Turner boasted of his wealth, high performance luxury cars, sleeping with reality TV stars and having to attend rehab to kick his drug habit before even getting to the grand old age of 18. Also heard in court was the judge describing his attitude toward Emily (his girlfriend, pictured with this turd) and her family as "breathtakingly arrogant and the lack of remorse is chilling". Also heard in open fucking court was how his own defence lawyer described Turner as "brash, flash, boastful, spoilt, volatile, obsessive, possessive, childish and obsessed". Now when a lawyer is describing you in that manner, your own fucking lawyer no less, that really is going some. You must be nothing less than an astounding CUNT. And now Mr Turner is appealing his sentence. Of course he is. A cunt as gigantic as this could never accept guilt--although i wish with every atom of my being the real reason behind his appeal is because every night is his tiny shitty cell he is being violently arse raped by a 20 stone Somalian calling himself Honeysuckle. In short, Turner is the absolute epitome of everything i hate in a human being and i wish him an incredibly long and fuck awful stay in prison or failing that, a nice tight noose. What is it that attracts women to these flashy gobby nobodys?? All image no substance, fucking CUNTS. Not that that detracts from the boundless sorrow i feel for Emily Longley--god knows how frightened she must have been i her last moments, poor soul

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