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She gets me out of FUCKING bed, after only 4 hours sleep following a FUCKING hard late shift. Totally FUCKING unannounced and totally FUCKING unexpected. Pissing down with FUCKING rain outside. She tells me that she has just seen on the local FUCKING news that there is a Wildcat FUCKING Bus Strike on this morning and will be late for work herself .... Can I run here down the FUCKING hill into work. After a full blown heated exchange, she storms of down the FUCKING hill on foot. I follow in the FUCKING car and tell her to get in !! Gets to the bottom of the hill where LOW and FUCKING BEHOLD there is the Number 8 FUCKING BUS picking up other FUCKING passengers. Apparantly NOT on FUCKING strike this morning then are they my DEAR. Brings me round to the relevant point in question ...... WHO is the CUNT in this Sorry FUCKING Saga ?? The FUCKING WIFE ..... No perish the thought .... ABSOLUTELY NOT. I must qualify here for the Gold Silver and Bronze in the WANKERS OLYMPICS for getting out of FUCKING bed in the first place !!!! What a CUNT !!!! Oh yes .... By the way ..... FUCK the Bus Drivers !!!!

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