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Aspiration Nation


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I hoped someone else would have done a similar nomination but alas it falls to the nasty cunt tambo to have a go, So here it go's. aspiration nation was the Conservative party speach the other day by Mr cameron i'm sure you're all aware of the speach about freezing taxes for the wealthy and forcing the unemployed back into work and cutting walefare benefits on the needy Just so they can try and weed out the vast majority of Bone idle lazy bastards whom apaarently have no intentions of seeking work. just so he can justify making "England a better place for "Britain" . Somehow i dont think he really is intouch with the reality of the real Britain where there is not enough work to go around and just so he can keep unemployment figures down. All he go on about is how Labour destroyed the country..Bullshit beacause consevative backed labours plans to "Borrow" more money at the time and now gets to use that against the opposition as a propaganda stunt. Now i'm all up for people going back into employment and not relying on the state to feed them But how the fuck are they supposed to not make people suffer when there are not enough Decent paid jobs that can support familes to go around?. A Speach is a speach.. we can all talk a good fight but the reality is that its all confidence building Bullshit and the wealthy will only make the poor suffer from this and the immigrants too? oh dont get me started for fuck sake.

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