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Nicola Cortese


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I dont suppose many of my fellow cuntsters on here will even have heard of him, but he is the chairman of Southampton FC. After hiring Nigel Adkins as manager a couple of years ago when we were second from bottom of League One, Nigel took us on an unstoppable path upwards, and two promotions in consecutive seasons. We had a real baptism of fire in the Premier league, our first month included Man City, Man Utd, and Arsenal. Unsurprisingly, we dropped loads of points, while the squad and manager were adapting to the PL. Nigel turned this around, and in the last 12 games we have been defeated only twice, and recently took a point off Arsenal at St Marys, and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Clear of the relegation zone by 3 points, and on an upward curve, with the fans completely behind the manager even when we were getting fucked over week in/week out over the first 9 games. So what does Signore Cortese do? Sacks Adkins, and brings in some argentinian nobody ever heard of, whose crowning glory in football management was to take Espanyol to the foot of the table and get sacked. This is fucking madness. The brightest and most promising English manager in years, pledged to stay with Saints for the long term, and we have sacked him. Nicola Cortese, you sir are a fucking cunt.

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