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The state of UK Politics


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Tory, Labour, Lib Dem... doesn't mean a thing anymore, their all the same these cunts just working under a different banner. The way I see it now is that you are basically voting for which management consultancy you like the best. Style over substance is very much the order of the day! At what fucking point did we decide that the Yanks choose their leader the right way? Only the other day after Boris gave his speech at the Tory conference I heard one Political commentator observe that Boris is more likely to win the next election than Cameron because he's more interesting and 'likable'. Now I don't want to get into a debate about all the rights and wrongs of Cameron (or Boris for that matter) but I do feel really pissed off that we are actually debating and, it appears giving credence to the notion that one is more likely to in than the other based on personality ahead of Political viewpoints and leadership skills! I guess this is Politics for the Facebook generation... get used to it Furio you cunt!

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