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Phil Bentley - Managing Director British Gas


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Phil Bentley. What a complete cunt. If Monday mornings are not bad enough, do I really need to wake up to an email from you informing me that British Gas is raising its prices yet again? Well surprise, cunting surprise. Is it such a coincidence that the wholesale prices on the 'competative international market' just so happen to increase at a time the country needs its energy most? Oh do me a favour, you fucking cunt. I'm not that fucking stupid. Funny that you never decrease the prices proportionate to the increase in the summer time when demand falls do you, fuckwit? This basically means that the increases you are apply year on year are exponentional. So answer me this, you little prick. Do you really expect me to believe that my energy bills are being used to fund the important investment in Britain's national grid, or am I really lining the pockets of some Aston Martin driving cunt whist ensuring that Farquhar has his lute tuned and his top hat and tails cleaned and pressed at Eaton? I've a good mind to use your Sunseeker yacht and your skiing lodge in Aspen as logs for the fire to keep my family warm this winter. On my ever growing scale of cunts, this morning you are by far the cuntiest. This also applies to all of your cunt friends at E.on, Southern Electric, Npower, and EDF. Quite frankly, all cunts.

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