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Yes...These power crazed Hitlers share joint first place with the dreaded car park attendant Cunts...Little man syndrome in da house, or School..With their wisdom which you could write on the back of a Ford Mondeos Tax disc (car of choice) really isn't worth fucking knowing. Most still live at home with their mum at 46...The best way to be with these cunts, is to humour their sad impossible ambitions of achieving something in their fucking sad little world other than to manage a self inflicted orgasm from masturbating over Risk Assessments....The only janitor I know that ever achieved anything was Fucking Trigger from 'Fools & Horses' when he said that he had the same brush for 25 years...The point was it had 5 shafts & 6 heads...Yes, Exactly. The stereotype is so fucking real it makes my cunting balls ache. So here is some sound advice...See Floor...Take Brush...Sweep forward ...Sweep Backward...Then repeat...Finally, when you've cleaned the floor, just go & top yourself after you've shagged your dog you simpleton reclusive pondlife CUNTS!!

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