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Kenneth 'Shit Cunt' Tong


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Where do I start with this Grade 'A' cuntmonger? 1) He was a Big Brother contestant. 2) He describes himself as a 'Self Styled Playboy. 3) He is Rich for doing fuck all and living off his parents. 4) He set up a Pro-Anorexia website aimed at young girls only to reveal he doesnt actually condone anorexia but he did it for a laugh. 5) He mocked Gary Barlow on Twitter when his newborn baby died. - It was the last one that really twisted my pipes enough to nominate the smug faced, four eyed cunt. I not a Gary Barlow fan but to publicly mock someone on Twitter of all things, when their baby has just died requires that individual to be forced to eat their own entrails! This speccy cunt claimed he targeted Barlow and took the piss out of his dead kid just to prove how easy it is to become a worldwide trend on twatter, oh and he did it in a warped attempt to pull a hollywood actress... she naturally declined his advances... cant think why? I would gas him but that would be an awful waste of gas when there is a whole world of more arousing torture methods we could target him with! Cunt!

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