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Secondary wipe syndrome


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Thought I was alone with no help from any so called specialists, doctor denies a problem, social worker spending to much time in Brighton. Then fuck me a glimmer of hope, there are numerous other suffers who just don't like to discuss the illness so fuck it I will. There is no better feeling at any time of the day than sitting on the crapper with your favourite read completed with a good strong wipe a good hand scrub( for most) then on your way. Then fuck me a short while after the old waste gate starts burning and feeling sweaty. To which a return to the nearest facility for the foresaid secondary wipe. My mate used to complain about this and over the past few years I to have become a sufferer. Don't know where to turn now, last week had to take out a Wonga loan just to keep the Andrex supply going. Any advice would be most welcome as the pound shop have stopped selling disposable underpants.

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