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Free newspapers on the train


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Why is it as soon as you go anywhere near a train line your never more than pissing distance from one of these. Got on the train today and there's a pile of them on the seat, when I cleared them off to sit down found a man in a hi vis underneath asleep. I wouldn't read one of these things even if there was a wank from Liz Hurley on offer. Also can anyone tell me if Lionel Ritchie has been having plastic surgery to turn himself into a blowfish, sorry I digress. While on the train a bloke sits next to me and asks is this copy of Metro this yours,no it fucking ain't. Then the faggot sat there for ten minutes looking at a picture of Freddie Flintoff dressed in only union jack pants and went to sleep with a smile on his face . When I get off the train I stopped and asked ethnic looking bloke slinging them at everyone the percentage of rainforest used to keep up the supply. The cunt had the audacity to tell me " sorry not lot of English". No wonder Andrex is so expensive these cunts are using up all the raw material.

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