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Excess Baggage


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I came across this for the first time last week but i suspect it may be less rare than i would like. I was in a pub at lunch time and 2 young women came in carrying a sports bag. They stuffed the bag under a table and proceeded to get stuck into the booze. Now nobody would have given them a second glance if THE BABY IN THE FUCKING BAG hadn't started bawling.One of them leaned under the table and did something , presumably stuffed a dummy in its gob. Everyone was looking and muttering their disapproval. Unfortunately i had to go back to work to pay for the lifestyle of these 2 wasters so i don't know what happened next. Listen you fucking slags A PUB IS NO PLACE FOR A FUCKING BABY. You know that ,that's why you were trying to hide it. If you must reproduce yourself stay at home and look after it and stay away from the booze.Bad things happen to kids whose parents piss it up. Ask the McCanns!

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