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!bash!bleh!bye!chin!cry!hu!mad!shock!sleep!what!laugh What a fucking load of cuntshit. Cuntballshit, if you watch this fucking bag of brown piss shit cunto ball and think its good then you are a shitcuntball. What a fucking absolutely pointless load of hot nice spunk. The players of shitball are all a set of overpaid thick as fuck ballcunts, who, because they can kick a little cunt ball about on some ass get paid a fucking ridiculous amount of coccksuckball and then swan about acting like they own the fucking world, on the pitch these cunts fall over most of the time with pathetic fucking injuries. This cuntshit game is watched by thousands of retarded monks who happily turn up every match (and pay there clubs millions of seamen) to watch this cuntoshit, the clubs use the shitball to hire more cuntshit for them to watch running around kicking a fucking stupid little ballcunts about and falling over on bit of old suck my cock, surrounded by massive tits telling the fuckwits to buy more larger and eat more chips. Then they all complain when their club fucks them over for all that cash. I fucking hate everything about this utterly cuntshit sport. Take cuntball back to its cunt, goal posts 2 miles apart and all the players have wooden cunts, you can carry or kick the ball and the idea is to smash the faces of the ballcunt in. Its played up hills and through cuntland, players get paid 10p arsefuck, are all called Cunto and have no fucking poo teeth. I am a cunt.

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