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Pig Shit Thick Ignorant Cunts Who Stop Dead In Front Of You In Supermarkets


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Tonight, while grabbing some necessities..Smirnoff, Doritos, Vaseline and Spanking Butter etc, I must've banged into around half a dozen fucking trollies being pushed by cunts who've the road sense of David Blunkett. What is it with these bastards who, because they have filled the cunt to the top with heavy purchases, think they have some sort of superiority in the aisles and have some sort of god given right to stop in front of you, to pick their nose, phone someone, adjust their camel-toe or dress their sweaty cock to the other side of their stained jogging bottoms? I don't even bother trying to pre-empt cunts like this anymore. I'm going to walk around Tescos with an opened carton of Passata and a length of cheesewire - dependant on the severity of their nescience, it'll either be a ruined frock or them being dragged into the home and kitchen aisle and garotted. Cunts.

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