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The Jonas Brothers


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This will be another longwinded rant, as usual, because i just really fucking hate these cunts. There are many reasons why the Jonas brothers are cunts, and each of those reasons individually would be enough to label them cunts, with no others needed. But i'm not a lazy fucker and will provide more than just 1. - To start with, they're your typical annoying American holier-than-thou Evangelical Christian stealthed incestuals, who ponce about on stage swinging their cocks at each other, while professing wholesomeness and a love of Jesus. Purity rings: The Jonas Bummers were always the sort of annoying family singalong musical cunts everyone hates. But after appearances on the Disney channel, they began being responsible for the damp patches in young teenage girls panties. Disney and the Blowjob Brothers decided that a gimmick was needed and came up with adopting Purity Rings. Purity Rings are cheap shitty rings worn by the Jonas Bummers as a symbol of their virginity and shunning of impure thoughts and their commitments to Jesus. They encourage all their teenage fans to wear them too, even though they're probably bending them over as soon as they get into the 'backstage' area after shows and ramming -their- rings until they look like busted tires. - It's estimated that these queerbait cunts have made in excess of $55,000,000 selling their wholesome images, while at the same time, doing everything but pulling their cocks out and sticking them into their fan's mouths onstage. - High School Musical, Jump In, Raise Your Voice, Hannah Montana and every other singalong shitfest, are basically just Docu-Movies of what happens every single day in the life of the Jonas Brothers. - They can't enter a room without bursting into song and tiptoe dancing around furniture and hugging each other, and i am so very fucking sick of this candy-sweet, queerbait musical cult movement. They make shit music, collaborate with other cunters to make even worse music, shows and films that further pollute TV and they all just need to fuck off.

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