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Female comedians


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Probably going to get daggers for this but fuck it. Anyone who has ever sat through the painfully embarrassing shit that constitutes a female comedian's standup routine automatically knows exactly why Female comedians have been added to the list of utter cunts. - Let's take a look at the supposed top 5 female comedians in operation today - 1. Ellen DeGeneres - I don't really know what to say. If you like largely incoherant waffling, tired, shit, suspiciously familiar 'jokes' about the differences between men and women, that absolutely nobody else has ever noticed, ever, because She's so incredibly smart and clever, that it took her, and only her, to bring them to our attention. Then watch this silly old cunt. - 2. Victoria Wood - (See Ellen DeGeneres). - 3. Joan Rivers. - Just a quote > ''Oh...that face...when E.T phoned home...was it you who picked up the phone?'' Widely acknowledged as the 'brilliant moment' of her career. No more needs to be said. - 4. Sarah Silverman. - Horsed faced, spastic cunt, who moves like she has cerebral palsy. Thinks she's smart for putting twists on jokes that have already been told by far superior comedians, and thinks that nobody notices when she changes subtle things in jokes, like the first name of the person involved, but retains the punchline. Genius. - 5. Miranda Hart. Just fuck off. - You would be forgiven for thinking i am some chauvanist prick who is taking a stab at female comedians for the fuck of it, because i am a virgin ugly cunt. - The truth is i can't watch a decent show on TV because there's always a female comedian cunt on the panel trying to be as edgy as possble, and actually, they just cause a feeling of embarrassment on their behalf. - And these fucking cunts are the reason. Being an ugly virgin cunt is secondary.

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