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" It's MY special day . "


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No not mine ,I dont have one . I'm talking about women and the phrase they band about when talking about their wedding . From an early age these self centred cunts have planned and stratagized their day through the medium of Barbie dress rehearsals ,even back then Ken never got a look in, rather he just fronted the money to indulge the deluded princess.. These are the same cunts who say things like " when I grow up I am going to marry a Doctor / officer / bank manager / football player. " defering love for aspiration. When I'm ready to die I will go to a random civic office where they post the bands and choose a wedding at random. I will storm in last minute and disrupt proceedings by shouting " how could you do this to US ? " then blow my head off splattering claret all over her special dress and leaving a real legacy of enigma and confusion about what happened as well as a lesson learned about the true meaning of romance.

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