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Universal Coverup of 'Savile' Paedo Ring


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You're all intelligent cunts and probably know everything i'm about to type. But i think it's worth an add as a cunt, because everybody seems to be looking the other way and ignoring the fact that just about every 'family entertainer' who has ever done any work with the BBC and beyond, was shagging kids and for all anybody knows, probably still is. As someone who has had a bit of experience (on the 'right side' of the law), i can say you don't get placed into police custody and questioned about events related to noncery, unless you're directly involved. Savile, Freddy Starr, Jim Davidson, Gary Glitter (likely that Bruce Forsythe and many others will follow) being pulled in for 'questioning' basically tells you they've been directly linked to a case or cases brought to the attention of the police. What gets on my tits, is that the public believe that if these cunts are let off and released, then that must mean they're innocent. Does it fuck. What it means is that the police have everything on them, bar a recorded video of them pulling down their trousers and being seen on the job with a child, and let them go under pressure from large, powerful influences *cough BBC*. Jimmy and his merry band of buggerers just could not operate so freely without massive help. From the cunts working in the childrens wards, to the BBC execs who looked the other way when kids were being hurried into these filthy cunts dressing rooms, they're all in on it, they're all aiding and abetting these disgusting paedophile cunts, and still are, with denial after denial. - They have separated the inquiry into three strands: claims against Savile, those involving Savile and 'others (witnessed, joined in)', and those involving 'others (Cunts we know but can't name). - So far, officers have had reason to question 10 people including total shit Gary Glitter, midget Freddie Starr and ugly old PR cunt Max Clifford, and now Jim DavidSitonmylapSon. Some 589 people have come forward with information relating to cases, with a total of 450 verified complaints, 31 solid allegations of rape - against Savile alone - Who is looking more and more like just a very small needle in a haystack of noncery. Detectives have recorded 199 crimes in 17 force areas in which Savile as a suspect. That's just Savile. Imagine if these other cunts coming out the woodwork have done even 1/10th what this filthy old fucker has. It's right across the board. People in every kind of authority have been allowing this to go on for a very, very long time. If all these exact crimes were being perpetrated by a few poor black cunts working in daycare centres, they'd be marched in, locked up, and paraded infront of the media so everyone can see what an awesome job we do of catching nonces.

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