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Prdient Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina


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Many people died, only 30 years ago, in the Falklands conflict, and now this ugly greasy handbag-faced slapper of a CUNT wants to "renegotiate" the question of Falklands sovereignty from her position as leader of a bankrupt nation with absolutely no mandate whatsoever to negotiate FUCK ALL. The Falklanders don't want you, you cunt, they choose to be part of Britain, not Argentina. You haven't got the military capacity to take the Falklands by force, but apparently even though you can't afford to pay your public servants, you can afford to take out adverts in the Independent and the Guardian appealing for a "solution" over the Falklands. Well, we had the solution in May 1982 you fuckin bitch and don't you ever forget it you utter CUNT.

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