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"Muslim Patrol"


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Dont be fooled-this sounds like the name for the worlds shittest boy band but they are actually a group of nasty cowardly little cunts who seem to think they own parts of London. The picture you can see there is an example of one of the posters they have been putting up around town. Now though they have apparently been going into pubs and actually forcibly removing drinks from peoples hands in order to bring "Allah" back to the streets. The nerve of these filthy CUNTS. Im gonna be honest, for all the ravings i write on here i am a very tolerant person and i dont like arguments or fighting. Verbal fights, i wont back down at all but if that verbal fight turned physical there is a very good chance i would back right off. However. If some self righteous bearded nutjob fuckwit came up to me in a bar/pub etc and so brazenly removed a pint of booze from my hand, or interferred with any of my friends who happened to be with me and also going about their lawful business on the pretext of some fucking bullshit about their twat of a god who originated in some repressive 7th century shithole i swear on everything i hold sacred i would take the bastard outside and deliver the most merciless catastrophic beating the cunt had ever suffered, a beating which would probably result in the cunt needing 24 hour care for the rest of his worthless and miserable life. In the old days these mad fuckers would be done for treason and we could just slit them up the middle like a cornish pasty and hang their steaming entrails on london bridge. Ought to be doing that now. Before the country explodes with hate and we have vigilantes doing the rounds.

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