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Save the children seeking donations to help feed starving kids. UK kids,


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Because their charity advertisement is a gross distortion aimed at playing on the sympathies of the middle classes who know fuck all about anything. They have Paul O'Grady (once, reportedly, a social worker and renowned homosexualist) explaining how this particular child lives in poverty. The child is apparently living in this country, sleeping under a coat to keep warm and only eats toast because that is all his mother can afford. Not that his mother is abusive mind, or feckless. She works for a living, but is just poor. Utter fucking bollocks. If she is working she qualifies for a raft of benefits,supplements and subsidies, quite right too. It also showed the kid living in the most awful and appalling Dickensian squalor too. Someone should report Save the children to Social services for living off the backs of child exploitation. A simple referral to children's services will ensure that this mother and child's needs are assessed and addressed as a matter of urgency. I am a regular and omnivorous giver to charity, but save the children are one that's off my fucking list for starters. Hystrionic , story telling cunts.

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