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Apple I-will only work a few times then make it as long winded to load music on to your nice new I-pod of which there is nothing wrong and just for power you have to download our new new 5.0 which does fuck all apart from slow your computer down beca


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That just about covered it. Reminder for anyone who wishes to buy an album simply on I-tunes..DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR GO TO THE SHOP AND PURCHASE IT ON CD AND LEAVE IT IN THE CAR -IT WORKS. Then should find the patience for your right to listen to music freely you might just be able (if feeling lucky) to load it on to I-tunes BUT ONLY if you remember your password. downloaded the latest 6.0 or whatever they now wish to run to check all your shit. Not forgetting to authorize then de-authorize this by clicking here and then there. Yes we understand if you do own this PC, but we wish to have a slice of it by slowing it down and then costing you more money. WE OWN YOU -have a nice day retail mugs...cunts!!

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