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Slavery Being Illegal In Britain


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Before any cunt gets excited and starts calling me a racist, I'm not calling for the various 19th century anti-slavery bills to be repealed. What I'm drunkenly suggesting is a modern form of slavery, fit for purpose in the 21st century. If you're thoroughly cunted off about the cunts next door living off benefits and seemingly being allowed to do fuck all, day after day after day, you should be allowed to apply to make them your slaves. In return for taking them off the tax payers hands you promise to feed the bone idle cunts, heat their houses and provide them with basic clothing. In return, whenever you need one of them to pop to the shops for you, do the garden, cook your tea, drop a Mother's Day present round your mam's etc, the cunts jump to it and call you Boss. Come off benefits, become emancipated. Obviously the new slave law would only apply to the chronically unemployed.

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