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Russian cunts settling scores on our soil


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Another one bites the dust. Boris Berezovsky has been found dead at his home--a "suicide" apparently. Yeah, right. A well known enemy of Putin, fierce critic of the Russian political system and also lost a gigantic law suit to that cunt Abramovich a few months back suddenly ends up dead. Add him to a long list of shady Russian cunts who have been killed on our shores--Litvinenko, Perepilichnaya, Gorbuntsov (although he survived). Im sick of Russia, the entire place is corrupt from arse to elbow, an absolute shit hole, a gangster nation and im also sick of these psychopathic cunts using England as their murderers playpen, cant we deport all these cunts until they stop their twatty little games of kiss chase?? CUNTS fuck off.

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