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Media use of affectionate nicknames


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This drives me up the fucking wall. Jonesy's recent nomination of that child murdering cunt reminded me of how annoying this is; when the BBC and all other media refer to the murdering cunts as "Mick" Philpott. Or "Fred" West. Fred. Good old Fred, salt of the earth is Freddie. Why cant they use just their surname, or their full given name, ie Michael Philpott or Frederick West, or refer to "the murderer, Philpott...."? Why do the kray cunts get called ronnie and reggie by the media? Why not Ronald and Reginald Kray? Are we supposed to fucking like them? You shorten a mate's name to an affectionate abbreviation, why the fuck do the media do it for the vilest members of society? Cunts.

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