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Lonely men in supermarkets reading labels?


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Well where to begin? I was desperate for some baby oil and bread so i headed down to the large orange supermarket around the corner from my squat. Once in, i changed my mind and said to hell with bread i need wine. I got within 5 or 6 feet of succeeding in my quest when confronted with this dirty son of a cunt touching one of the bottles and pretending to know something about wine. He stunk of the North and a bit of Dorset, a brine and urine infusion. His rucksack smelt of human excrement and that beard was fucking gay. I tried telling the idiot security man, from Burkina Faso, that a Northerner with no money was touching the products but he didnt want to know. Suffice to say I had to leave the store and head home empty handed. You don't need to be able to read to shop, Ive been to Dorset and Sundernewpool up in the brown country there are supermarkets there that do ok.

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