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We all have a role to play in our own decline. Asian immigrants with their late night convenience stores that provide us with easy access to chocolate, milk and after hours bottles of Lambrini. Jamaican nurses that wipe the shit off our arses when we get old. West Indian bus drivers that take us to our valuable work places and local DSS offices. African traffic wardens to keep our streets clear of cars. Romanian pick pockets and beggers to keep us on our toes. None of these angels would be possible without our cousins over the pond spewing out wonderful entertainment that makes us feel good about ourselves. Without them we would actually wonder why the bus driver cant speak English and stinks of reefer, but no we don't. Since the Jews are at the vanguard and are such wonderful people we think Zac Efron is Anglican and Helen Mirren such a sexy 'English' granny. Perfect, thank god for our curly friends over there. I am looking forward to the new intake of North Korean bin men and Nigerian Police officers, we won't mind though, just put the telly on and get your answers from Paxman. Or better still don't just read this, join up and change the world. Truly a place for belonging and love.

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